Mitsubishi launches AnyMile drone-based logistics platform in partnership with OneSky

Mitsubishi Electric US has announced the launch of the full suite of its AnyMile drone-based logistics and operations management platform. Drone operators, corporate shippers, and transportation and logistics companies can now tap into AnyMile’s comprehensive feature set that provides access to shipment, fleet and service management applications, enabling operators to accelerate and scale operations while reducing their carbon footprint, says the company. An Alpha version of AnyMile was announced at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

AnyMile supports all known categories of drones – multi-rotor, fixed-wing, single-rotor or fixed-wing hybrid VTOL, and eVTOL – to provide a resource planning and management system. The platform is integrated with an Uncrewed Traffic Management System (UTM) from OneSky for the safe and efficient operations of drones in low-altitude airspace. Additional AnyMile features include the ability to schedule cargo pick up at a specific location, tracking delivery to multiple destinations; live maps; set up of terminal and station locations; management of drone maintenance tasks; and performance of routine operational tasks, such as generating customer invoices, key performance indicators (KPIs), booking services for drones including refueling, servicing and much more.

The AnyMile manufacturer portal is designed to enable drone manufacturers to promote their vehicles to prospective buyers that are expanding or maintaining their fleet operations. They can educate potential buyers about various vehicles with marketing collateral, performance and warranty information, usage instructions, maintenance schedules and procedures. Financing options may be made available on the platform.

“As the industry continues its rapid growth, management of drones, terminals, routes and every other aspect of operations will become increasingly more complex, which speaks to the need for an all‑encompassing logistics operations management platform like AnyMile,” said Zafer Sahinoglu, vice president and general manager of Mitsubishi Electric Innovation Center (MELIC). “AnyMile aligns with Mitsubishi Electric’s mission to achieve truly global and interconnected sustainable smart society, while decreasing our carbon footprint.”

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