Hanwha Systems clinches deals for domestic counter-UAS systems and seeks export markets

As concerns for the relations between the Koreas escalate, reports in local media suggest Hanwha Systems is progressing rapidly with the commercial success of its low-altitude counter-UAS systems.

The company has recently signed two contracts with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), totalling about 35 billion won (approx. USD 27 million) for integrated counter-drone solutions for critical infrastructure. The systems, which will identify small UAVs approaching zones of interest and offer jamming capabilities, will be the first such solutions deployed in Korea. While satisfying domestic demand – for which it will also supply a mobile counter-drone solution – Hanwha Systems is also developing the product line further with a view to export sales.

The initial deal is reportedly for 22 systems, intended for deployment to protect infrastructure in the Seoul metropolitan area (which saw at least one North Korean drone penetrate the presidential office no-fly zone last year) and air bases of the Republic of Korea Air Force (RoKAF). The mobile solution under development appears to be the subject of a separate contract, requiring 33 counter-drone systems mounted on military vehicles to be delivered by December this year. Korea established a drone command for the armed forces last September.

For more information: Hanwha wins S.Korean military anti-drone system deals – KED Global

(Image: The company revealed its counter-drone system at a defence exhibition in Seoul in June last year. Credit: Hanwha Systems)


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