Polaris adds counter drone capability to its latest MRZR Alpha light tactical vehicle

US manufacturer Polaris Defense has introduced a family of light tactical military vehicles equipped with counter unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS). The MRZR Alpha also carries direct-fire weapons, high-energy laser systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems, tactical aviation ground refueling system, expeditionary command and control systems, autonomy packages, litters for casualty evacuation and communication equipment.

The MRZR Alpha meets internal air transport requirements and adds helicopter sling load capability necessary for expeditionary forces. Internally transportable vehicles have restrictions to size and weight, but Polaris’ investment and advances in chassis, driveline, suspension, and other technologies have allowed the company to design the MRZR Alpha within the footprint of a V-22 transportable vehicle.

According to Polaris, the MRZR Alpha features a durable chassis, 8-speed transmission, high clearance dual A-ARM suspension, expanded exportable power, up to 2,000 lb payload capacity and V-22 transportability.

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