Japan’s Niigata City supports second BVLOS drone flight in extended programme of research

Japan’s Niigata City in Niigata Prefecture provided the location and financial support for the flight test by ShinMaywa Industries of the fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle Experimental Unmanned/Utility XU-S aircraft in late October in a second test flight, reports Japan’s Drone-Journal.

The XU-S is environmentally friendly and uses a LiPo (lithium ion polymer) battery that does not generate exhaust gas as a power source, provides ‘long-term airborne capacity’, and provides a range of observation, monitoring, communication services. In addition to a long flight of 3 hours and 42 minutes, it succeeded in flying 135 km and confirmed that it has the ability to fly outside line of sight in an unmanned area.

Future research is likely to include flights trials by Nagaoka University of Technology and the Global Observation System Study Group as part of research commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (SCOPE) in the field of environment (air pollution) observations of exhaust gases.

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