Mexican criminal gangs “launch drone strikes driving hundreds from their homes”

According to the Insight crime news channel, an increase in drone strikes in parts of Mexico’s southwestern state of Guerrero has seen hundreds of residents driven from their homes, with an alliance between two major criminal groups blamed for the rise in this tactic.

“Multiple drone attacks destroyed homes and forced the displacement of some 600 people from the town of Nuevo Poblado el Caracol in early May, according to a press release from the Center for the Rights of Violence Victims Minerva Bello (CDVVMB – Centro de Derechos de las Víctimas de la Violencia Minerva Bello). Other nearby towns along the Atoyac River had been attacked with drones the week before, reported Guerrero newspaper El Sur.  Residents who gathered at the Nuevo Balsas police station, about 30 kilometers away from Nuevo Poblado el Caracol, blamed the attack on the Familia Michoacana, a criminal group based in the neighboring state of Michoacán.”

According to the Proceso news service:

“The town (El Caracol)  is in the middle of a dispute between the criminal groups Los Tlacos and La Familia Michoacana. The agency announced last Sunday that a group of armed men threatened the community saying that “they did not want to see anyone from the towns on the banks of the river or they will face the consequences…He explained that on Tuesday the 2nd in the afternoon drones were seen flying over; The following day, six “bombs” were launched from these artifacts, which triggered the first displacement, and by Monday the 8th, 11 new attacks were launched against the remaining population.”

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Mexico Drone Attacks Spike After CJNG, Familia Michoacana Alliance 

(Image: Centro Minervo Bellow facebook page

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