UAV Navigation develops drone 4D trajectory planner, based on waypoints and timings

UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía has developed “the 4D Trajectory capability” which enables the operator to configure the time at which a specific waypoint will be reached. The autopilot will adjust the aircraft airspeed to arrive to these assigned waypoints along its route at the specified time.

UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía’s advanced ground control software, Visionair, includes an intuitive configuration tool that will make the on-time flight configuration an interface to track the flight and monitor the UAS performance with the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) display on the main display of the software.

“Relying on a technology that guarantees the precise and on-time reception of cargo and eases the correct air traffic management by ATC (Air Traffic Control) becomes a critical need to make these applications a reality,” said the company in a press release.

“An example would be a UAV taking off from an airfield which is at a significant distance from the mission area. If the UAV requires a segregated airspace, it is critical to overfly certain areas following a given schedule allowing for airspace optimization. 4D trajectories allow assure the fulfilment of this schedule.

“Multi-UAV operations are complex unmanned operations where more than one unmanned aircraft is commanded from a single ground control station. This advanced type of mission requires an advanced flight control system capable of managing the complex schema of operation with multiple telemetry links and commands.”

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