Droniq obtains first European operating licence for DJI drone-in-a-box system

Droniq GmbH has obtained the first operating licence for the DJI Dock drone-in-a-box system in Europe.

“By taking this step, Droniq is paving the way for automated drone operations for industrial customers as well as users in the security and rescue services in the future,” said the company in a press release.  “Droniq will take care of integrating the system into airspace and ensuring secure data processing in addition to obtaining the operating licence to conduct flights beyond the pilot’s visual line of sight.

“The ‘box’ is a dock that houses the drone on the ground, charges it and ensures its readiness to operate. The drone is thus ready to be used at any time. Drone deployment is also automated. The weatherproof station opens and the drone can fly a pre-programmed route, before returning to the dock. A pilot no longer needs to travel to the deployment site for the mission, allowing it to be carried out remotely.

“Drone-in-a-box systems are suitable for missions where the drone flies fixed routes beyond the visual line of sight…This covers a broad range of applications, such as the monitoring of critical infrastructure, the inspection of construction sites or the use by industrial fire services….The first enquiries from potential users concerning a DJI Dock operating licence have already been made. Among them is the chemical company Röhm from Darmstadt, Germany.”

“Drone-in-a-box systems are the next development step in the market,” said Droniq CEO Jan-Eric Putze. “We want our customers to be in a position to use these systems as quickly as possible. That’s why we are pleased to be the first company in Europe to show how to get such a system up in the air, in the truest sense of the word, with the DJI Dock. “At the same time, by using our technology, we are putting the conditions in place for our customers to use the DJI Dock safely for all air traffic participants.”

To ensure safe integration of the DJI Dock into airspace, Droniq will use its drone traffic management system, so users can see surrounding air traffic, both manned and unmanned, thanks to an interface to this UTM. In addition, the UTM will ensure that the DJI drone is also displayed for other air traffic participants. The market launch of the DJI Dock in Germany is scheduled for the end of the second quarter. The system will then also be available from Droniq.

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