DroneShield and Trakka Systems demonstrate mobile counter drone solutions at Elgin Air Force Base

Counter drone company DroneShield reports a successful demonstration of the Trakka Interceptor Package Solution (TIPS-C) at Eglin Air Force Base at the end of February 2021. TIPS-C is designed to support Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) market places through the integration of UAS detection and mapping solutions from both parties.

TIPS-C is mounted on a mobile platform and uses DroneShield’s DroneSentry-C2 software to produce a common operating picture for drone detection and tracking within the local airspace. DroneSentry-C2 ingests data from several sensors, including the radar, radio frequency (RF), and data from the TrakkaCam TC-300 provided by Trakka Systems to provide an intuitive visualization of the airspace and potential drone threats. The backbone of the TIPS-C is an open architecture command and control center with TrakkaMaps TM-100 proprietary mapping solution that can incorporate any number of third-party complementary detection and neutralizing devices.

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