DroneShield partners with Trakka Systems to offer an integrated counter drone solution

Trakka Systems has announced a partnership with DroneShield designed to better serve the counter unmanned aerial systems (CUAS), inspection and security markets. The strategic partnership has developed a suite of integrated UAS detection and mapping solutions designed to be flexible, responsive and economic. TIPS-C provides a covert early detect and neutralising counter-solution against malicious drones. TIPS-C integrates Trakka’s TrakkaCam technology with DroneShield’s DroneSentry-C2 command and control platform to provides a common operating picture for drone detection and tracking, supported by and DroneShield’s RadarZero sensors and DroneOptID optical AI/ML software.

A demonstration to Tampa Police Department in January 2021 showed ‘the capability of detection, identification and neutralisation with the ability to record UAS incidents for evidence collection’ reports a Trakka news release.

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