Diehl Defense adds Hensoldt passive radar capability to enhance ground-based air defence capability

Diehl Defense is adding passive radar capabilities from Hensodlt to its ground-based air defense (GBAD) IRIS-T SLM unit to increase the surveillance capability of the overall system. The IRIS-T SLM is currently equipped with Hensoldt’s multifunction radar TRML-4D, and adding Hensoldt’s Twinvis passive radar will provide operators of the IRIS-T SLM system with additional functions, such as emission-free early detection of flying objects and the transmission of aerial photographs to the operators without putting the main sensor into operation, says the press release.

Diehl Defense and Hensoldt are currently testing integration of the passive radar components at the Test and Integration Center in Röthenbach, Germany.

The integration of passive radar functions is designed to optimize the situation assessment of the IRIS-T SLM fire unit, increasing the survivability of the GBAD system by identifying, verifying and reducing the impact of enemy countermeasures and strengthening the assertiveness of Diehl Defense’s ground-based air defense system against threats, both imminent and at a later time. It is also designed to provide operators with a mobile and emission-free radar solution for airspace surveillance, complementary to the TRML-4D active radar. This additional function can provide omnidirectional 3D tracking of more than 180 objects up to a radius of 250 km (sensor target).

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