UAVOS and MP3 exhibit joint counter drone capability at UMEX 2022 exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Counter drone company UAVOS exhibited its anti-drone laser system at the UMEX Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference taking place in Abu Dhabi between 21-23 February 2022. UAVOS presented its anti-drone technology together with MP3 International, a Grade One Group company.

The UAVOS Counter Unmanned Aircraft System (CUAS) offers precise drone detection and tracking performance with an Electro-Optic system. Besides its detection and tracking capability, the solution allows laser neutralisation of drones. The anti-drone technology is designed to destroy UAVs at a distance up to 500 m, while the optical devices can be disabled at a distance of up to 3 km. The system has already proven itself by burning ground objects at distances up to 1 km. The system is designed to offer advanced protection for manoeuvring forces, sensitive facilities, border protection, as well as increasingly vulnerable civilian targets like airports and other public facilities.

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