Netherlands defence ministry issues tender for static and mobile counter drone equipment

The Dutch Ministry of Defence has issued a tender for the supply and maintenance of Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) with the following capabilities:

  • Means for Detection
    •          Means for Classification
    •          Means for Identification
    •          Means for Neutralization
    •          Command and control

The procurement is also modular in nature to accommodate expansion and module replacements.

The scope of delivery includes:

  • Fixed scope of delivery: 3 x movable C-UAS and 2 x static C-UAS
    • Optional systems: 3 x movable C-UAS and 6 x static C-UAS
    The Maintenance Framework Agreement will have a period of performance of 10 (ten) years and will be concluded simultaneously with the Delivery Agreement on the understanding that both the Delivery and the Framework Agreement will be concluded with the same Tenderer.

This procurement concerns the delivery and maintenance of Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (acronym: C-UAS)
The Netherland Armed Forces are looking for a modular capacity that include the following means and functions:
•         Means for Detection
•         Means for Classification
•         Means for Identification
•         Means for Neutralization
•         Command and control
The term modular is used to describe that the system is expandable with new modules or that old modules easily can be replaced. This modular approach is facilitated by a robust and flexible command & control (C2), that enables communication between the system and its subsystems, sensors and effectors and that supports the operator in performing his/her tasks.

Closing date: 14.3.2022 – 18:00

Tender reference: 2022/S 032-083272

Directive: 2009/81/EC

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