Department 13 launches intelligent drone sensor to detect UAS threats for civilian applications

US drone technology company Department 13 has released an intelligent drone sensor system designed for civilian applications. The Detect, Identify, Attribute Locate (DIAL) system features sensors which passively listen for the radio frequency signature of drones that enter an area of operation. DIAL correlates signals against Department 13’s MESMER Enhanced Deployable Software (MEDS), a library of drone fingerprints built up over five years. Once a unique sUAS fingerprint is detected, DIAL sends alerts and logs a drone’s activity in Atlas, Department 13’s user knowledge centre.

Atlas maps the activity and allows the user to white list known drones and blacklist potential threats. Atlas can collect data from other detection platforms such as radar, lidar, acoustical and optical systems, and it integrates with autonomous security systems like the Nightingale Security Blackbird drone.

When Atlas and DIAL are combined with a drone management system, Atlas can correlate a live drone with its accredited operator and registered flight mission to deliver pre, post and in-flight operational awareness and audit functions to make site safety and audit easier.

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