Biden’s budget request sets aside USD447m to counter small UAS

The Biden-Harris Administration has released the President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2025. It requests USD850 billion for the Department of Defense, a USD34 billion increase from the 2023 enacted level.

Within this portion of the budget, the U.S. Army is requesting USD447 million to counter small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), according to various defence media outlets.

This funding would include the mobile and fixed-site low, slow, small UAS integrated defeat system, better known by its acronym of LIDS, which is designed to detect, track and take down small enemy drones. The Army is also calling for investment to procure Coyote interceptors and  C-UAS effectors as part of the budget request.

Speaking to the press on March 11, U.S. Army under secretary Gabe Camarillo said the Army is dependent not only on the base budget, but also on supplemental funding, citing countering small UAS as one example. To this end, the Army is seeking more than USD500 million for C-UAS tech as part of a larger supplemental funding package for fiscal 2024.

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