Airservices sets up Australian UAS services advisory network, seeks applicants to working groups

Australia’s air navigation services provider (ANSP) Airservices has established the Uncrewed Services Advisory Network (USAN) to enable the agency to better connect directly with uncrewed and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) customers, and the wider aviation industry.

Through its members, the USAN is to provide Airservices with informed, objective high-level advice from the aviation community on current and emerging challenges and opportunities that have, or may have, implications for Airservices in its delivery of services to uncrewed and AAM customers.

The USAN is the primary advisory body through which Airservices will direct its engagement with uncrewed and AAM customers.

The aviation community is encouraged to keep abreast of USAN activities through the Airservices website and look out for future opportunities to join us to deliver the future of airspace management in Australia.

Airservices seeks expressions of interest to participate in a register of skilled and interested industry representatives who can provide Airservices with input on specific topic areas. The agency encourages anyone with relevant motivations, skills, experience and qualifications to submit an application.

Under the USAN, Airservices plans to stand up working groups from time to time to deal with specific topics, allowing for broader involvement of industry representatives that may not be current members of the USAN. The agency

Applications will be open until December 2025. When Airservices stands up a working group, it will review the list of interested industry representatives at that point in time to select members for the specific working group. After this time, should the USAN seek to stand up further working groups, it will invite new applications.

If the USAN decide to stand up a working group, it will draft a Terms of Reference that details the kinds of expertise and industry representation sought. The USAN Chair/Co-chair and at least one other Airservices representative will review the applicants and consider aspects including the industry sector represented, diversity, area/s of interest, experience and qualifications, and experience in advisory and working groups. The depth of information in the applicant will assist in the review process in addition to a broad representation of industry and diversity of membership. Given the limited number of representatives on any working group, it may be that only one or two representatives are selected from an industry sector. The application process is not designed as a competitive application process but rather as a process to ensure representation and diversity across the breadth of aviation and allied industries.

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