Spain awards Indra EUR1.3m contract to develop automated UTM platform in partnership with Airbus and Unifly

Spanish air navigation service provider ENAIRE has selected Indra in a contract worth EUR 1.349 million to develop an automated and digital U-space done management platform. The solution is expected to provide U-space services for the automated management of drone operations beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Indra is partnered with Airbus and Unifly under the contract which has an execution timeline through 2023, extendable by 24 months.

ENAIRE plans to centralise the management of Common Information Services (CIS), essential services to safely support drone operations once the new European Regulation enters into force in January 2023.

ENAIRE will be the sole facilitator of operational information and data, and interface between conventional air traffic service providers and U-space service providers. In accordance with the ‘single CIS provider’ architecture of the U-space regulation, ENAIRE’s U-space platform will be among the first to differentiate and centralise CIS, according to the company.

In its initial phase, ENAIRE’s U-space platform is designed to provider U-space services to end users by conducting the tests needed to validate different types of drone operations, and carrying out the certification process required by the regulation.

Subsequently, in 2023, the platform will be divided between a single CIS provider (CISP) and a U-space service provider (USS) for public administrations and entities, with other USSP suppliers entering the competitive market for the remaining users.

With this investment, ENAIRE plans to enable Spain to comply early with the U-space implementing regulation and safely provide for the automated management and integration of drone operations into the airspace, allowing the drone services market to grow in Spain.

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