eVTOL manufacturer PLANA signs partnership deal with UTM service supplier OneSky

PLANA announced on July 24 2023 that it has signed a business agreement with OneSky at the PLANA Icheon R&D Centre. The business agreement ceremony was attended by key officials from both companies, including PLANA CSO and co-founder Minyoung Ahn and OneSky CEO Robert Hammett. Through this business agreement, PLANA will participate in OneSky’s Future of Flight program.

OneSky’s Future of Flight programme is a cooperative ecosystem of industry leaders and innovators that allows partners to come together to shorten the time it takes to get to scalable operations. Currently, more than 20 companies are participating in the program, including Skyports and Volatus, as well as Echodyne, a radar developer, and Supernal, Hyundai’s UAM US subsidiary.

“The two companies plan to create synergies by combining OneSky’s airspace situational awareness, flight planning and simulation, UTM/UATM solutions with PLANA’s expertise in developing and manufacturing hybrid electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft,” said a company press release. “In addition, they plan to verify the operational concept of PLANA’s CP-01 aircraft under development, refine the technical roadmap by coordinating technical requirements, explore solutions to AAM industry regulations in various countries, and discover business models.”

Robert Hammett, OneSky CEO said, “Through this agreement, OneSky has secured an important partner in the operating of AAM aircraft. We will contribute to the evolving AAM industry by implementing safe aircraft operation through sharing know-how and cooperation between the two companies.”

Minyoung Ahn, PLANA CSO and co-founder said, “For safe and efficient aviation of AAM aircraft, it is necessary to utilize UTM functions for automation and long-term processes including VFR. We expect to be able to acquire various technologies and know-how related to AAM aircraft operation through this cooperation.”

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