Space53 and AirMap partner to trial UTM concepts in the Netherlands

Space53, a site for the safe development, testing, and research of unmanned systems, is partnering with AirMap to experiment and analyze different UTM (UAS traffic management) solutions. The partnership aims to support growing demand for commercial drone applications in the Netherlands.

Space53 and AirMap are deploying a simple procedure for registering and monitoring drone flights in local Dutch airspace. Airspace controllers, local municipal officials, and managers of critical infrastructure will be able to manage UAS activities via the AirMap UTM Dashboard. Pilots can request automated flight authorization from airspace controllers, who manage these requests and monitor ongoing operations directly from the cloud-based dashboard.

“AirMap works with civil aviation authorities, air navigation service providers, local officials, and public safety personnel to enable drone operations safely and efficiently” said Ben Marcus, AirMap co-founder and Chairman. “We’re excited to extend the benefits of UTM to the Netherlands through our partnership with Space53.”

The partnership aims to promote the development of drone technology and explore various drone capabilities and use cases in the Netherlands. This allows the Netherlands to move towards large-scale commercial drone use while creating essential regulations to benefit their society. Through AirMap’s authorization and traffic monitoring services, Space53 is enabled with the tools it needs to ensure safety in air traffic management.

(Image: Space53)

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