South Korea “to launch parcel delivery, night-time flights”

The Korea Herald ( reports that the use of drones will be permitted for night-time broadcasting and parcel deliveries in remote island areas, as part of the government’s deregulation plan to foster the growing drone industry.

“The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said Thursday that it would introduce a special approval system, starting Friday, to permit the currently restricted drone flights during the night or over long distances, according to officials….Operators who wish to obtain flight approval are to submit their drone operating manual, flight route and contingency plans in advance.”

According to the newspaper the ministry’s final decision is to be based on a safety standard inspection by the Korea Institute of Aviation Safety Technology, as well as an overall review on the flight location environment. The ministry is also working on expanding drone-related infrastructure, including practical examination sites, to respond to increasing demand for drone pilot licenses.

“The drone industry is one of the fastest-developing technical sectors,” said an official of the ministry. “We hope that this special approval system to be a model example of the government’s pre-emptive deregulation for creativity and innovation.”

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