Sky-Drones integrates Altitude Angel UTM software in its drone flight control system

Sky-Drones – a UAV flight control system solutions provider – has partnered with Altitude Angel as a strategic partner to help integrate UAS operations into controlled airspace. Altitude Angel software has been integrated within the SmartAP Ground Control Station (GCS) mission planning and control software developed by Sky-Drones.

Sky-Drones creates professional UAV flight control systems including autopilot hardware, on-board software, ground-control software and cloud services. The technology helps its global customers building and operating commercial drones for security, inspections, mapping and media production.

“Recently the company has finished the first step of Altitude Angel services integrated into the app,” said the company. “Now and onwards SmartAP users are able to see airspace and ground hazard data which will make their decisions on flight location selection and mission scenarios more aware and adequate. It’s a major milestone towards incorporating BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight) drone operations on a regular basis which will eventually lead to the new business opportunities of UAV applications. The next step is an implementation of automated in-app airspace authorization request based on the pre-planned mission. This would mean that Sky-Drones customers will get an opportunity among the first worldwide to be able to fly in controlled airspace without the need to switch between control and authorization apps.”

Previously SmartAP GCS integrated services from AirMap.

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