North Dakota test site trials drone parachute safety system for urban operations

The Northern Plains UAS Test Site (NPUAS) and the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) ( have announced the successful completion of testing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in Fargo, including the demonstration of a parachute recovery system Working in partnership with CNN, Botlink and ParaZero, the NDDOT and NPUASTS performed its first series of flight tests of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for potential flight over a group of people in controlled airspace.

“As safety is a critical issue, ParaZero presented its drone safety system as one of the safety solutions to enable flight over people,” says Eden Attias, CEO of ParaZero. Parazero’s SafeAirTM is a UAV recovery system reliable and effective in any emergency situation. According to the company:

“Combining the autonomous SmartAirTM capabilities to identify loss of control and decide on recovery, with the patented active parachute deployment, prevents crash at any situation. The patented activation enables unmatched effectiveness at low altitude. Parazero’s SmartAirTM includes a Flight Termination System (FTS) shutting down the rotor power, thus preventing possibility of entanglement with the rotors, preventing risk of rotors hurting people, meeting regulation in France and future expected global and FAA regulation. Its proven reliability enables safe, regulated commercial flight over people and BVLOS, (as the example of Airobotics)…. Its reliability has been tested over tens of thousands of hours, and provides the reliability enterprise and professional drone users, as future FAA regulation are looking for, to enable safe flight in populated and urban areas.”

In May, U.S. DOT selected the North Dakota Department of Transportation as one of 10 participants in the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS Integration Pilot Program. NDDOT and NPUASTS are working together with partners and stakeholders to accomplish North Dakota’s pilot program mission to provide operational efficiencies, create new opportunities, build industry to grow the economy and reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries. The three-year program gives state, local and tribal governments a chance to establish innovation zones for testing complex UAS operations.


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