Kittyhawk launches drone flight pre-sets for FAA compliance

Kittyhawk ( has announced the launch of its Flight Profiles function, a set of “common-sense” presets to help further reduce risk and empower drone operator workforces. Kittyhawk Flight Profiles allow fleet operations managers and chief pilots to automatically set and enforce a set of flight standards across their teams. Profiles can be set to prevent take-offs in “Attitude Mode,” set a standard “Return To Home” (RTH) Height, and restrict power exhaustion behaviors like Return To Home or Land In Place. Kittyhawk Flight Profiles can also set limits to how high and how far a drone can fly, ensuring compliance with FAA and internal company standards.

In addition, Flight Profiles provides greater transparency into the status of the aircraft’s control system before a flight. No longer will pilots have to contend with indistinguishable “ERROR” messages and will instead see the part of the flight control system that’s not functioning correctly and be able to make informed decisions about how to proceed.

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