Japanese companies test “multiple autonomous drones controlled via 4G LTE network” – sUAS News

The news service sUAS News (https://www.suasnews.com/2018/03/nedo-kddi-terra-drone-secom-succeed-worlds-first-wide-area-security-multiple-autonomous-flying-drones-using-4g-lte/?mc_cid=57131e530a&mc_eid=d7818dfe0a) reports that NEDO (The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), KDDI (a telecommunications operator), Terra Drone (a Japanese industrial drone service provider) and SECOM (a Japanese security company) have developed a network for controlling multiple autonomous drones carrying out security surveillance operations at a wide-area facility using a 4G LTE mobile communication network.

“In the demonstration experiment, NEDO, KDDI, Terra Drone and Secom remotely monitor the inside of the facilities from the Traffic Management Center, flying autonomously four drones equipped with a high sensitivity camera, speakers, infrared camera, LED light to discover suspicious individuals and fire, and to conduct night guards,” reports sUAS News. “Long-Distance autonomous flight, which is one of the features of “Smart Drone,” applies to the security of the facility where existing surveillance cameras cannot recognize. By managing the data received from multiple drones in a centralized manner in the operation management system, it provides 360° seamless surveillance solutions.”

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