GUTMA surveys industry interest in flight declaration and logging protocols

The Global UTM Association (GUTMA) is conducting a two-minute survey to understand the industry’s interest in learning about or implementing two of the association’s protocols: the flight declaration protocol and the flight logging protocol

The survey can be accessed at:

The Flight Declaration protocol aims to facilitate the secure exchange of flight situation data between UTM Providers. It was originally developed by the Altitude Angel team who offered it as a contribution to the Global UTM Association’s data exchange initiative in February 2017. External contributions are welcome. Each proposal will be carefully considered by the Project Management Committee. Please submit your pull requests and comments directly on Bitbucket. For any further information, contact

The Flight Logging protocol was approved for release to by GUTMA members on March 12 2018. The protocol is open to public comments and contributions. The protocol’s purpose is to harmonize flight telemetry data logs (such as GPS location, speed, and if available: battery voltage, drone identifier, battery identifier, payloads identifier). It is targeted at UAV manufacturers. Logs can then be used by UAV pilots, third-party drone management software providers, governments, and authorities interested in using these data with the operator’s authorization


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