Frequentis and Altitude Angel link to provide airspace authorisation system

Frequentis and Altitude Angel  have entered into a strategic partnership to provide solutions that will allow Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to more safely co-exist in the shared airspace. By connecting the Altitude Airspace flight and airspace management system to the Frequentis electronic flight strip processor, controllers can quickly authorise or cancel requests from drone operators to access controlled airspace.

Frequentis’s modular, end-to-end framework suite connects UTM and ATM systems; Frequentis ATM products are ‘drone ready’, and can integrate the information and communication needs with unmanned traffic. Altitude Angel’s geospatial database covers more than 80 countries and is a key component of its autonomous drone navigation system.  This allows any drone to tap into its situational awareness database, helping them go beyond the line of sight of the operator.  Altitude Angel’s long-term goal is to use its platform to enable millions of autonomous drones to fly – safely – without any human pilots.

The companies are both involved in many drone research efforts and projects, with the focus on safely integrating them into the airspace. In Oct 2016, Frequentis contributed to the NASA UTM trials at Reno Stead Airport. Altitude Angel was also selected by NATS to provide a drone safety app and UTM solution. Both companies are actively involved in SESAR-driven research, and are members of relevant international and regional working groups, such as at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Global UTM Association (GUTMA), or the standardisation organisation EUROCAE.

(Picture: Chris Forster from Altitude Angel and Jan Ziegler from Frequentis)

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