FAA launches 2021 holiday “twelve days of drones” safety campaign

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched its 12 Days of Drones campaign to educate the public about the rules, regulations and best practices of operating a drone. This December, the agency will share important drone-safety information and resources that will help future pilots stay up to date with the latest rules. All of the campaign’s safety messages will be posted on the FAA Drone Zone Twitter and Facebook accounts throughout the week.

The campaign will run each weekday from December 2 – 17 with each day dedicated to a specific drone safety topic.

  • Day 1 (12/2): What do I need to know before I fly?
  • Day 2 (12/3): Register and mark your drone
  • Day 3 (12/6): Test requirements for recreational flyers: The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)
  • Day 4 (12/7): Test requirements: Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate
  • Day 5 (12/8): Where can I fly?
  • Day 6 (12/9): Airspace restrictions
  • Day 7 (12/10): Airspace authorizations
  • Day 8 (12/13): Flying at night
  • Day 9 (12/14): Flying over people
  • Day 10 (12/15): Flying in weather conditions
  • Day 11 (12/16): Don’t fly near wildfires, natural disasters and police operations
  • Day 12 (12/17): Drones for good

The FAA also released a new video reminding everyone of the rules and regulations that drone pilots must follow.

Additional information about safely flying a drone is available on the FAA website.

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