EUROCAE seeks e-identification and geo-fencing experts to help develop UTM standards

European aviation standards body EUROCAE is looking for experts to help its UTM focus team to develop standards for geo-fencing and e-identification. Both activities will be started during a joint Kick-Off Meeting on 27 November 2017 at the EUROCONTROL Headquarters in Brussels.

E-Identification is defined as “the capability to identify a flying Unmanned Aircraft (UA) without direct physical access”. The scope of this activity is the standardization of UTM services, with a focus on UAS Electronic Identification in accordance to the applicable safety and security requirements. It will develop documents like MASPS (Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards) and MOPS (Minimum Operational Performance Standards). 

Geo-Fencing is defined as the capability of providing the Remote Pilot (RP) with information related to the UA position and its airspace environment, and limiting the access of the UA to certain areas.

If you want to participate in the development of standards for e-identification please complete the registration form you’ll find here.

If you want to participate in the development of standards for geo-fencing please complete the registration form you’ll find here.

In particular, the organisation is seeking technical experts in the following areas:

  • System of systems
  • CNS (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance)
  • On-board equipment
  • ID/Localization data protocol/format
  • Protocol designs
  • Aeronautical data
  • ANSP and Remote pilot

EUROCAE with its Working Group WG-105 contributes to the safe integration of all types of UAS into all types of airspace for all operations at all times.

The UTM Focus Team will address the development of standards for electronic identification, associated with the operation of small UAS traffic in VLL conditions. It focuses on the standardisation of the required UAS enabling elements common to any kind of small UAS operation in the open and specific categories. A key axis of the standards is the facilitation of the integration of small UAS into the general air traffic. This will require discussions and contacts with various stakeholders in the European aeronautics community such as EASA, SESAR, with a particular consideration of the U-Space concept and the EASA NPA 2017-05.

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