Altitude Angel extends its Mission Planner control system with new airspace safety tool

Altitude Angel ( has further developed its Mission Planner ground-station controller system with an enehanced Flight Report tool so users so that they can make better informed and safer decisions about where to fly their drones.

“A Flight Report is a voluntary declaration by a drone pilot to share information about where and when they are flying their drone in real-time, which in turn is then shared with other airspace users, contributing to reduced overall risk in the airspace,” writes Rupert Benbrook, Chief Evangelist at Altitude Angel, in a company blog. “Critically, using the Altitude Angel developer platform, flight reports are shared without revealing any personally identifiable information, enabling the drone operator to optionally include other information they do wish to share.

“Flight Reporting is already incorporated into many of our partners’ apps via our APIs. This means that tens of thousands of drone pilots use flight reporting daily.

“In the future, we will also provide the opportunity for commercial pilots to digitally request access to airspace that requires authorization, such as in the US under LAANC, this would mean Mission Planner users will be among the first in the world to be able to fly in more areas with full authorisation embedded within the application, without a lengthy delay generating paperwork, or the need to use other apps as is currently the case.”

A flight report is automatically generated whenever the connected drone is “armed”; when the drone is “disarmed” the company automatically marks the flight report as completed.

“The only requirement is for an active internet connection. We’ve observed many users simply connect their laptop, tablet or flight control station to their mobile hotspot. Drone pilots can of course continue to plan their flights in advance using Drone Safety Map, via our APIs, or through any of our partner’s apps.”

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