AirMap becomes second LAANC certified supplier

AirMap has joined Skyward as a provider of access to instant airspace authorizations through the FAA’s prototype evaluation of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) system.  Automated authorizations are available currently at only four U.S. airports: the FAA plans to add more facilities to the evaluation program in 2018.

Commercial drone operators can request digital airspace authorization in controlled airspace through the same AirMap mobile app that they use to plan their missions, review airspace advisories, and receive live traffic alerts.

Drone operators can apply for two types of authorization with AirMap: automated authorization for flights within pre-approved zones and altitudes, and manual authorization for flights outside of pre-approved zones and altitudes that require manual approval by ATC.

In planning for a mission ahead of time users can apply for authorization up to 30 days in advance. If adjusting a flight plan or responding to a last-minute customer request customers will know within seconds if the flight has been authorized, said the company.

“The LAANC prototype evaluation will expand to include more ATC facilities over the next few months.  To fly in controlled airspace near airports not offering automated authorization, you’ll still need a waiver. But with more airports expected to participate by the spring and a larger national rollout planned for 2018, automated authorization on the AirMap platform is coming soon to controlled airspace near you…Automated airspace authorization will open more airspace for commercial drone operations, creating more opportunities for drone entrepreneurs to serve their customers and grow their businesses.”

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