AirHub integrates AirMap UTM capabilities in its flight planning, management system

AirHub, the drone management software platform for commercial drone operators in Europe, has announced the launch of a new application with integrated airspace services from AirMap.

AirHub provides drone operators with tools to quickly and easily manage administrative and pre-flight workflows so that they can spend more time flying. With AirMap airspace services integrated into the AirHub application, operators can manage their drone operations in compliance with regulations in Europe and around the world.

AirHub features an easy-to-use airspace map and context, powered by AirMap, to help operators understand the airspace environment around them. Within a matter of seconds, operators know of nearby airspace advisories or restrictions, along with any regulatory requirements pertaining to their operating area. Together with AirHub’s built-in weather forecast, operators remain well-informed of airspace conditions before and during their drone flights for optimal safety and performance.

The AirMap UTM Platform supports situational awareness for drone operators with airspace rules and advisories for every country in the world and support in 15 languages, including Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Czech. AirHub operators can efficiently plan their flights by first selecting team members, drones, and batteries pertaining to the operation. Once selected, an overview of the flight operation will be made and presented. Operators can also easily draw out their operating area and add documents, notes, and authorizations to their Flight Plan to comply with company or regulatory requirements.
Operators using a DJI drone can fly their aircraft directly from within AirHub’s mobile application using Control Hub, providing pilots with an alternative to the DJI GO application with enhanced safety capabilities. With the AirMap UTM Platform integration, European commercial drone operators using the AirHub application can share their flight plans with airspace authorities for safety and compliance monitoring. AirMap provides airspace authorities with a comprehensive view of the airspace environment for both manned and unmanned aircraft operations via the AirMap UTM Dashboard.

Flights will be automatically logged in the AirHub application once a drone has landed, providing operators with valuable data about the health of their drones and batteries for maintenance purposes. Administrators and managers can even set up teams and assign responsibilities to their pilots, observers and payload operators, thereby creating complete control and oversight over their drone operation.

Earlier this year, AirHub with AirMap integrated contextual airspace services was successfully demonstrated by Rijkswaterstaat – responsible for the Dutch road- and waterways – and the Dutch Air Traffic Control in a trial at Groningen Airport to manage Rijkswaterstaat’s fleet of drones and team of pilots.

“AirHub will help us set up safe and compliant drone operations” says Olaf van Hese, project leader Smart Patrol Services at Rijkswaterstaat. “AirHub with AirMap provides drone operators with an effortless experience that makes situational awareness and flight planning safer and more productive.”

“AirMap makes it easy for drone operators to get the airspace information they need to plan flights in compliance with national regulations,” said Ben Marcus, AirMap co-founder and Chairman. “We are happy to be working with AirHub to extend the benefits of the AirMap platform to drone operators in Europe.”

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