EUROCAE seeks more participants for its UTM Focus Team

EUROCAE is launching a Call for Participation to invite additional participants to the WG-105 Focus Team activities. It is expected to provide additional support in order to complement the already ongoing work on geofencing.

Organisations interested in contributing to this activity should complete the Registration form, by Friday, 21 December 2018.

EUROCAE WG-105 (Unmanned Aircraft Systems – UAS) develops standards and guidance material to ensure the safety of operations with unmanned aircraft. The ultimate goal is to enable safe access of all types of UAS to all types of airspace at all times.

One of the key elements of UAS operation is to enable safe integration in the airspace. This calls for a reliable UAS traffic management (UTM) system that, with minimal or no human intervention, provides services such as dynamic geo-fencing, identification, secure UAS operations, weather alerts, contingency management, route planning etc. In order to build a UTM system that can support a wide range of UAS with different performance capabilities, standardised methods of providing UAS services become critical.

Following the analysis of regulations and guidance related to the emerging UTM operations, WG-105 has identified the need for:

  • A definition of a Workplan for the development of standards necessary to support the U-Space concept as proposed by SJU for the Air Traffic Management Master Plan (ATM MP) Addendu
  • Standardisation of UTM services, with a focus on UAS Electronic Identification in accordance with the applicable safety and security requirements

The UTM Focus Team will develop a workplan to clearly identify the recommended standards for the use of UAS within the U-Space concept. This workplan should consider the full spectrum (U1 to U4) of U-Space.

Already identified as an essential capability for U1 phase, the UTM FT will also address the development of standards for electronic identification. This work will focus on the standardisation of the required UAS enabling elements common to any kind of UAS operation in the U-Space environment. The proposed work will duly consider the existing projects performed under SJU as well as other standardisation activities (e.g. ISO, ASTM, ASD-STAN etc)

Within this activity the following deliverables will be developed:

  • UTM Workplan – Target Date: 06/2019
  • MOPS (Minimum Operational Performance Specification) on Electronic Identification – Target Date: 11/2019
  • For a successful standardisation activity, experts in the following areas of expertise are of paramount importance:
  • System of system
  • CNS (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance)
  • On-board equipment
  • ID/Localisation data protocol/format
  • Protocol designs
  • Aeronautical data
  • ANSP and Remote pilot.

For more information please contact Sergiu Marzac, at

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