Regulator certifies skeye’s procedure for controllers to manage rogue drone incidents

Belgium’s air navigation service provider skeyes reports its procedure for dealing with rogue drone incidents has now been certified by the national regulator.

“Air traffic controllers know how to react when they receive a drone warning,” reports the agency. “That approach is established in a procedure that has now been approved by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority. As soon as a drone is detected, air traffic control will regularly inform all pilots of its position. It is the pilots’ job to react appropriately. Air traffic control will assist and guide them in any actions they undertake. Police services, airport Inspection and the airport’s Duty Manager are immediately informed as well.

“Air traffic control can also decide to switch runways or even to temporarily cancel departures or arrivals. Only if the coast is clear – when the drone has not been detected for a longer period of time or it and/or its owner has been intercepted – air traffic can be safely resumed.”

“The number of drones in our airspace is growing at breakneck speed and that trend will continue in the coming years. skeyes is ready to integrate those new aircraft in the existing air traffic…. skeyes is researching systems that are able to detect drones.

According to Johan Decuyper, skeyes Chief Executive Officer: “skeyes is actively working to help develop the drone sector in our country. We will always have a prominent role in controlling unmanned aircraft in the Belgian airspace. Air traffic safety is our number one priority. We have been applying the rogue drones procedure – which we have elaborated ourselves – for some time now. The fact that the BCAA has now approved that procedure creates a regulatory basis for it.”

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