FAA announces RFI for remote identification industry partners

The US Federal Aviation Administration has launched a request for information for Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Service Suppliers (USS) partners to propose remote identification services to UAS operating in the national airspace system (NAS) in coordination with the FAA.

“The FAA expects that the initial Remote ID USS business models may transform to include other services related to UTM. FAA also expects that Remote ID USS services will be provided at no cost to the FAA. As long as a single Remote ID USS is available to provide services, the data exchange model is viable. The FAA does not intend on becoming a Remote ID USS. FAA believes certain Federal agencies (e.g. DoD, DOI) will consider creating their own Remote ID USS to manage and control their own assets and flights. Under this proposal, the FAA would establish the operational framework (requirements and criteria) for Remote ID USS and provide supporting data to airspace users as necessary for collaboration and safe operations. One critical element of implementing remote identification will be establishing a cooperative data exchange mechanism between the FAA and the Remote ID USS. The FAA is proposing to implement the remote identification requirements in a way that will allow the marketplace to grow in collaboration with the FAA. The FAA, working with the selected industry cohort, intends to build out a feature set and hold a prototype evaluation. The FAA also intends to evaluate the features in the prototype, address findings, and then roll the features out in a larger national beta evaluation.”

“If partners have existing capability or ideas, the FAA would be open to trying those ideas in a prototype cloud environment. USS would be allowed to provide remote identification services if they enter into an agreement with the FAA to provide those specific services and demonstrate they can meet a set of operating rules applicable specifically to Remote ID USS (Remote ID USS Operating Rules). The relationship between Remote ID USS and the FAA would be governed by a legal framework signed by both parties called a memorandum of agreement (MOA), which will be generated in parallel with the operational framework.”

“As a result of this RFI the FAA will select a small group of participants who will develop a technical and legal framework for initial prototyping and testing that will inform a national capability. The FAA intends to open the program for broader participation as the framework matures in the near future. The purpose for this RFI is twofold:

Engage with industry partners that are interested in becoming USS with the intent of pursuing the establishment of a practical approach to information and data sharing for the purpose of implementing an enterprise Remote ID capability.

Develop practical demonstrations of data sharing techniques for Remote ID in the NAS, beginning with basic initial Remote ID concepts and Remote ID functionality and continuing to evolve the demonstrations over time through expanding capabilities and users.

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Solicitation number: 32227

Deadline for responses; 4 February 2019

Responsible organisation: Federal Aviation Administration

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