Valqari acquires IDU group to develop drone infrastructure for last mile delivery

Valqari has announced that it is combining efforts with IDU Group, providing a complete drone delivery infrastructure from rooftops and the windows of buildings to a complete product line of drone mailbox and drone locker ground stations. As part of this merger, Ryan Walsh will continue as CEO of Valqari while Kevin Duckers, founder and former CEO of IDU Group, will act as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Valqari.

According to the press release, this new, combined entity will be focused on providing the next generation of drone infrastructure across multiple high-growth industries. The companies have had a strong relationship for several years and this merger significantly strengthens the joint product lines within the industry. The merger brings together two of the leading drone delivery infrastructure companies with complementary expertise and operations, creating a single force to meet the ever-growing demand for drone infrastructure solutions. It also provides Valqari with multi-continent coverage by utilizing both North American and European teams.

With 28 patents in 16 countries, Valqari’s Delivery Station is a universal drone receptacle for package delivery and pick-up, working with nearly any drone model. The addition of IDU’s unparalleled team, intellectual property, and technology will allow Valqari to continue to revolutionize drone deliveries for industries including pharmaceuticals, meal delivery, grocery services, governments, and residential e-commerce by adding even more comprehensive solutions to their growing customer base.

Complementary to Valqari’s mission, UK-based IDU Group solves the last link in drone logistics by creating the smart integrated infrastructure necessary for autonomous docking and delivery handoff – critical for unlocking scalable drone delivery.

Valqari’s platform makes drone delivery possible and is transforming transportation in cities across the world. Valqari already provides products and services from the South Pacific to Europe, and the combined companies will not only serve those markets better with an established UK team but expand their geography to serve clients across the Middle East and Africa as they also seek to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this revolutionary technology.

City-wide drone delivery networks are the future of sustainable, efficient, and streamlined city infrastructure. Together under the Valqari name, these industry leaders will increase productivity and connectivity between customers, citizens, and services while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint.

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