UTM company Airwayz announces award of ISO 27001 certification

Airwayz has announced in a LinkedIn post it has been award an ISO 27001 certificate.

According to the post:

“The ISO27001 certification is an international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). Accomplishing the specific requirements needed for this certification signifies Airwayz’ continued commitment to ensuring a robust and rigorous information security management system to ensure all data is kept safe.

“With emerging cyber risks, Airwayz recognizes the critical importance of safeguarding information, particularly with our UTM system. Our pursuit and receipt of the ISO 27001 certification underscore our dedication to adhering to international best standards and diligently assessing risks while proactively enhancing the safety of our ISMS.”

The company’s dynamic UTM/USSP can make autonomous decisions, such as flight validation, approval and new route suggestions, all within a five-second window, according to Airwayz’ website. “The UTM continuously monitors the airspace for manned and unmanned aircraft to avoid any risks and can autonomously reroute drone flights whilst already airborne. With this, drone operators are free to focus on more critically evolving events, with the power to overwrite the decisions of the system if they need to.”

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