US space department awards Anduril USD8m contract extension for networking software

The US Department of Defence has awarded a USD8 million contract extension to Anduril Industries for its LATTICE mesh networking software. The software platform will operate at Space Surveillance Network sites through December 2024, according to press reports. The Anduril technology creates an integrated picture by autonomously analysing data from sensors.

LATTICE is capable of autonomously parsing and integrating data from Anduril platforms and thousands of third-party sensors and data sources.

According to Space News: “The SSN is a collection of sensors dispersed across multiple sites worldwide first deployed in the late 1950s to provide early warnings of ballistic missile launches. The network has a mix of conventional radars, phased-array radars and telescopes for missile detection, and to track satellites and space debris. The Space Force so far has awarded Anduril USD10.5 million in Small Business Innovation Research contracts for the company’s Lattice networking software that autonomously parses and integrates data from third-party sensors and data sources.”

The company last year won a nearly USD1 billion contract from the US Special Operations Command to use the Lattice platform to detect and track drone threats.

(Image: Anduril Industries)

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