India’s border with Pakistan sees over 50 drone incursions in first six months

According to a report in Hindustan Times, security agencies in Punjab are battling drug and weapon smuggling activities, many involving drones. The report says:

“In the past year, 51 drones have been shot down in Punjab along the border with Pakistan, as security agencies combat drug and weapon smuggling. Punjab Police have also arrested 143 terrorists and radicals, seizing firearms, explosives, and drugs. Additionally, 16,360 drug smugglers have been arrested, and properties worth ?26.72 crore have been forfeited. The anti-gangster task force has busted 208 criminal modules and arrested 688 gangsters.

“With the increasing smuggling of drugs and weapons using drones from the across the border becoming major challenges for security agencies, 51 drones have been shot down in Punjab along the international border with Pakistan in the past one year.

“Disclosing this during a press conference over drug recoveries by the state government, IG headquarters Sukhchain Singh Gill said the official data from July 5, 2022, to July 16, 2023, reveals that Punjab Police have busted 18 terror modules with the arrest of 143 terrorist/radicals after recovering 31 rifles, 209 revolvers/pistols, five tiffin improvised explosive devices (IEDs), 6.78-kg RDX and other explosives, 10 hand grenades, one sleeve of disposed rocket launcher, 51 drones, and one loaded rocket propelled grenade. “At least 244 drones have been spotted in Punjab this year so far. This year’s data on spotting of drones is not ready yet but concerted efforts between Punjab Police, BSF and other agencies have resulted in combating the threat from drones successfully,” said Gill.

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