Unleash live joins forces with AstraUTM to deliver safe, efficient drone flights

Unleash live, a provider of visual analytics and drone management software, is collaboraing with unmanned traffic management (UTM) solutions provider AstraUTM to enhance the safety and efficiency of drone operations. AstraUTM also partners SkyLink UAS, provider of managed services for enterprise beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone operations, to implement the AstraUTM platform in compliance with Australian rules and regulations to bring a full range of SAAS based UTM subscription plans to the market.

By integrating AstraUTM’s uncrewed traffic management platform into Unleash live’s software, the collaboration aims to deliver safer, more efficient drone operations by providing users with seamless access to real-time airspace data and management tools.

According to the press release, the partnership comes at a time when the use of drones in commercial and recreational activities is rapidly increasing. With this growth, the need for robust air traffic management systems is paramount to ensure the safe integration of drones into the airspace. By integrating AstraUTM’s expertise, Unleash live provides users with real-time airspace data, flight planning, and collaborative tools.

“We are now entering an exciting phase post the establishment of comprehensive drone regulations globally, where solution providers are exploring enhanced value propositions beyond core UTM services for enterprise drone users. Our integration efforts with Unleash Live in consultation with Skylink UAS are aimed at extending advanced features to enterprise drone users.” said Ayhan Kamil, Chief Commercial Officer at AstraUTM.

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