Unauthorised drones detected at Niagara Falls during the solar eclipse

David Beatty, Director of Sales, Canada for D-Fend told participants at the recent Canadian Hazmat and CBRN Summit that 31 drones were seen in the air at one time at Niagara Falls during the solar eclipse on April 8.

Niagara Falls is a restricted airspace, and while a small number of uncrewed systems were authorised to operate in the area, predominantly for law enforcement purposes, the majority were unauthorised.

The Niagara Parks website reminds visitors that drones are not permitted on Niagara Parks property unless authorised with a permit. “This restriction includes the operation of drones without permit approval from Transport Canada,” the website states. “This restricted zone extends from the ground up to, but not including 1066 metres (3500 feet) above sea level and approximately 914 metres (3000 feet) above ground level.”

Beatty told the Summit that D-Fend’s counter-drone system was in use in an exercise with Niagara Police during the solar eclipse to monitor drones.

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Image: Niagara Parks

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