MARSS signs USD70M contract to deliver integrated logistic support for Middle East client

MARSS has signed a multi-year contract in excess of USD70M to deliver an integrated logistic support contract with a client in the Middle East. MARSS previously led an international group of partners to design and deliver a multi-domain critical infrastructure protection system for a key strategic location in the Middle East. 

The new contract, spanning five years, will see MARSS provide level 1-4 support across the site, from basic maintenance to troubleshooting complex issues, and includes programmes for corrective and preventative maintenance to ensure the site’s operational effectiveness throughout the contract’s duration. As part of this, MARSS will maintain a full-time in-country presence to manage and maintain the system. 

The system, which was previously designed and commissioned by MARSS, provides surface, land, air, and sub-surface domain protection. Capable of detecting, verifying, and defeating asymmetric threats, the system includes MARSS’ NiDAR platform and integrates physical sensors and effectors with artificial intelligence.

The project will also assist MARSS in its continued machine learning, obtaining valuable object and event data to improve NiDAR’s AI capabilities including the rapid and accurate detection and verification of threats.

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