“Ukraine to receive up to 140 Excalibur Army Viktor MR-2 counter-UAS systems”

Jane’s reports that up to 140 Viktor MR-2 counter-UAS and light air defence systems from Czech defence company Excalibur Army will be sent to Ukraine.

The Netherlands is financing 100 vehicles in the order, according to multiple media outlets.

“The Viktor is based on a civilian Toyota pickup chassis fitted with a modernised variant of the Czech anti-aircraft weapon with a pair of ZPU 2 machine guns design by the Czech defense company Excalibur Army,” says The Military Leak.” The ZPU is a family of towed anti-aircraft gun based on the Soviet 14.5×114mm KPV heavy machine gun. The mobile short-range air defense systems use highly effective 14.5×114 mm ammunition to destroy airborne or, if necessary, ground targets. It has a robust construction and good firing accuracy – the effective range is over 2 kilometres.

(Image: Excaliber International)

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Excalibur Army to deliver Ukraine with 15 Viktor Mobile Anti-aircraft Gun Systems

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