The Digital Toolbox: Serendipity white paper offers solutions for UAM applications

Serendipity, a Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) partner has published a white paper as part of the project detailing their Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solution, the Digital Toobox. The white paper provides an overview of this platform and its role in advancing the future of UAM.

The Digital Toolbox is designed to bridge the gap between technology providers and public or private organisations. It operates as a digital marketplace, offering a webshop-like experience where organisations can identify and procure advanced Urban Air Mobility solutions tailored to their specific needs. By ensuring interoperability and compliance with EU legislation and standards on digitalisation, the Toolbox simplifies the adoption of these technologies, making UAM more accessible and efficient, says the press release.

As part of the FF2020 project, it provides a technical and legislative framework that aids in the coordination between Living Labs and technology partners. It offers a centralised platform where local and regional governments can identify their challenges and procure solutions tailored to address them.

The relevant insights brought by the Digital Toolbox include the understanding that public organisations wanting to adopt sustainable solutions often encounter challenges when it comes to the awareness level of new innovations, the corresponding technical and legal framework, and managing their digital infrastructure. This platform helps to address these challenges, making it an asset to our project.

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