Guide to Part 89 Remote ID requirements for drone operators, Rupprecht Law guidance

Drone law company Rupprecht Law has released a guide to Part 89 Remote ID (requirements, waivers, list of modules & drones). The document addresses issues relating to remote ID requirements for drone pilots including:

1 Part 89 Remote Identification Requirements
2 How Do I Know If My Aircraft Is Remote Identification Compliant?
3 List of Broadcast Modules for Aircraft That Don’t Comply
4 Remote Identification Authorizations and Exemptions To Not Comply With Requirements
5 How the Remote Identification Requirements Affect Different Groups:
6 Different Types of Remote Identification
7 What manufacturers need to know about the remote identification rule.
8 FAA Accepted Remote Identification Means of Compliance
9 Contentious Background of How Remote ID Was Developed by FAA
10 Lawsuits Challenging Remote Identification
11 Can You Rely on Remote ID? (RID being disabled and spoofed by people)
12 Remote Identification Timeline of Events
13 Major Changes from Proposed Rule to Final Rule
14 Remote Identification Risk Assessments.

Access the document here

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