Testbed Air Mobility begins adapting Landvetter Airport for uncrewed air traffic

Testbed Air Mobility is adapting Landvetter Airport in Sweden to enable uncrewed air traffic such as drone deliveries and eVTOL traffic. The team announced on LinkedIn that it is working to harmonise uncrewed flights with the current air traffic management (ATM) system without impairing the operational requirements of conventional air operations. 

Rasmus Lundqvist, Research Scientist at RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden, said the project presented “a lot of challenges, but the vision remains clear; to create airspace, processes and technology to support innovations”.

Testbed Air Mobility is a EUR10M three-year project between Saab, LFV Group, ACR Aviation Capacity Resources, Swedavia AB, Ericsson, Linköping University and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

The project will establish an open test bed for research, development as well as test and demo for autonomous flight and is based on the previous project Tb Autonom Flygplats. It will also create infrastructure for the integration of ATM and U-space by developing a new functionality for the ATM system. The uncrewed systems will use 5G technology for identification and positioning. 

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Testbed Air Mobility

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