TechEagle establishes drone delivery hub and network in Meghalaya, India

Indian drone delivery company TechEagle has established a drone delivery hub and network in Meghalaya in partnership with the Government of Meghalaya, MHSSP and the World Bank. The first drone took off from Jengjal Sub-Divisional Hospital & delivered medicines to Padeldoba PHC in less than 30 mins, compared with up to 2.5 hours by road.

TechEagle’s Vertiplane X3 drone delivered different healthcare products including snake venom-2 pax, Labetalol- 4 pax, Human Albumin-1 pax, Cefotaxime (typhoid dose)- 50 pax in its first flight, which was 5X faster in comparison to ground transportation, says the press release.

TechEagle conducted medicine deliveries via a drone in Meghalaya in September 2021 when its hybrid e-VTOL drone Aquila X2 delivered drugs from Nongstoin District Hospital to Maweit PHC, situated 25 km apart from each other in less than 25 minutes.

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