SkeyDrone Radar Pro supports cooperative and non-cooperative drone detection

Belgian Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) company SkeyDrone has launched SkeyDrone Radar Pro to meet growing demand for drone detection and counter drone capabilities.

SkeyDrone worked with Senhive to build a drone detection solution designed for law enforcement agencies and operators of critical infrastructures such as seaports, airports and utility companies. The software integrates detection data from modular detection equipment (receivers), enriches the drone aerial picture with several other relevant data sources and correlates detected drones with flight plans and authorisations from UTM systems operated by Geozone managers such as air traffic control units and port authorities.

SkeyDrone Radar Pro combines and fuses the feed from multiple sources into a complete and reliable aerial picture to detect both cooperative (Direct Remote ID) and non-cooperative drones (RF Frequency Analysis), says the company press release.  It also integrates the authorised flight plans from friendly UTM systems active in the same area of observation, to identify those drones with permission to fly.

SkeyDrone Radar Pro is designed to address two primary issues with current drone detection and monitoring systems available in the market. First, one-sensor solutions, passive or active, only provide a portion of the picture and lack the depth needed to truly provide indications and warnings of drone flight and, more importantly, the risk they represent. Second, layering multiple sensors into one complete aerial picture is extremely complex and therefore costly.

As of 2024, all commercial drones are obliged to be “cooperative” and share their identification number and position through a technology called Direct Remote ID. However, it is still necessary to separate drones that have received prior Flight Authorisation from those that have not.

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