Taiwan enhances counter-UAS capabilities and issues “anti-drone rifles” to armed forces

Press reports in Taiwan in mid-February claim that the armed forces have “completed deployment” of counter-UAS systems, specifically in the form of unspecified “anti-drone rifles”.

Taiwan News reports that several anti-drone systems have been delivered and will be used “alongside light weapons”. The Taiwan Ministry of Defence authorised an NT$ 4.6 billion (USD 146 million) budget in 2022 for procurement of appropriate systems to be deployed at 46 military bases across the island republic by 2026. It is unclear whether the recent delivery has accelerated that programme or whether systems of different configurations have yet to be received by the armed forces.

The procurement is, in part, inspired by the growing concerns in Taiwan centred on China’s intent. China continues to protest US military aid to Taiwan and incursions into Taiwanese airspace are becoming more frequent, more aggressive and involve grater numbers of aircraft – including unmanned systems. Increasing diplomatic pressure, some of which has resulted from the recent election of Democrat Lai Ching-te as President in January, is also ratcheting up the pressure on Taiwanese security planners.

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Taiwan completes anti-drone gun deployment | Taiwan News | 2024-02-19 11:19:00

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