Russia reveals “AI-enabled Stupor counter-drone system”

Kremlin-aligned news agency, RIA Novosti, has reported that Russia has developed “a comprehensive counter-drone system designated Stupor, developed and manufactured by a company of the same name.”

Citing engineers at the company, Novosti reports that Stupor has been tested in extreme conditions, including temperatures of minus 20°C, in northern Russia and that the system – which is apparently AI-enabled – is capable of autonomous operation. It further claims that Stupor will “detect and defeat drones using multiple methods”.

The system has a claimed drone detection range of more than 5,000 metres and can suppress unauthorised drones within a 2,000 metre radius. Stupor revealed a hand-held drone defeat system almost two years ago, which some observers claim has already seen service in Ukraine.

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(Image: Visual examination suggests Stupor has multiple sensors and effectors, perhaps supporting claims it is a comprehensive drone defence system. Credit: RIA Novosti screenshot)

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