Swoop Aero obtains approval to fly beyond visual line of sight in Queensland, Australia

Swoop Aero has obtained beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) approval from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for medical logistics operations in Queensland.

Swoop Aero will operate in a fully integrated airspace with an aerodrome based hub at the local airport in Goondiwindi. The operations are scheduled to begin this month, December 2021.

The BVLOS approval is supported by a DG (Dangerous Goods) approval that allows us to transport critical medical supplies to where they are needed whilst maintaining chain of custody.

“These operations will quickly connect Australian regional patients with medical supplies and equipment, including in emergency situations. Right now the region is facing flooding, and participating recipients who would traditionally be isolated,  have access to on demand critical supplies” said Swoop Aero’s Australian Operations Manager, Daniel Scandar., “We can also complete the circle of teleheath for rural patients by providing on-demand medical logistics via air. The potential for drone logistics to connect Australians in immense, and it’s incredible to be on the forefront of operations with Swoop Aero”.

Swoop Aero reports flying over 10,000 BVLOS missions across a number of countries. The company’s autonomous drone logistics platform supports sustainable and reliable drone operations at scale, and the company is working with authorities around the world to make the potential of drone logistics across a range of environments a reality.

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