Eurocontrol undertakes airspace assessment as part of Israel’s national drone initiative

Eurocontrol worked closely with the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel to undertake an airspace assessment to support the integration of drones into airspace.

In addition to drawing on best practices identified during a previous Riga airspace assessment, drone experts from the Eurocontrol Innovation Hub visited to Israel to witness a series of demonstrations as part of INDI, the Israel National Drone Initiative. INDI has so far performed 80,000 drone flights in U-space airspace, at times with manned traffic flying in the same airspace. Interesting discussions were held on the challenges posed by this integration.

A major revelation was MDOS, or Multi-Drone Operating Systems – companies that can act as an interface between drone operators and U-space Service Providers so that drone operators do not need to build up specific air traffic management knowledge themselves. In this model, MDOS can manage, pilot and deconflict multiple drones simultaneously.

Israel is a world-leader in drone business-related initiatives and cooperation within the EU U-space regulatory framework bodes well for future work on drones between Israel, Eurocontrol and other European organisations.

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